18th century British Oil paintings

Lowndes Fine Art

Lowndes Fine Art was established in England in the 1980s, specialise in 18th and 19th Century, British oil paintings the manufacture of Picture Plaques, no picture is complete without a plaque.

As John Harries, the founder of Lowndes Fine Art has moved back to England from Spain, the company will now concentrate in offering their collection of Oil paintings and Sporting watercolours to their clients and interested parties in England. They will also continue to do business in other European countries and North America.

It will also continue to arrange for paintings, watercolours and prints to be cleaned and restored by top experts in their respective field.

Daniel Crane equestrian art

Daniel Crane

Daniel, as well as being one of England’s top equestrian artists, has an impassioned interest in all equestrian sports. What better proof of this than his coming twice to Sotogrande to get instruction on playing Polo before he was prepared to put brush to paper to paint Polo scenes.

Daniel always has a number of oil paintings and watercolours for sale, though much of his work is commissioned by collectors or sporting personalities. A list of these, together with his prints each signed personally by Daniel on the mount, are shown on his page on this web site.

Daniel’s work has been compared by the experts to Lionel Edwards, Sir Alfred Munnings and Snaffles, the top three British equestrian artists of the early and middle part of the last century. His oil paintings and watercolours hang alongside works by these artists world wide - a great compliment for a contemporary artist.

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