Nothing is more important than finding a frame that brings enhancement to an oil painting. I cannot emphasise the importance in this. Go to any major exhibition and you will see how careful the curators have been is selecting the frames that bring out the best in their exhibits. Watercolours can be even more difficult to find frames for. Here the large range of colours and designs can cause much confusion to the buyer and can prove to be quite a challenge to get right.

Never forget that we all have our likes and dislikes and making a decision of which frame to choose can cause much heart ache. I have always found that simplicity has played a major role in framing the company’s watercolours. It was so much easier for the Victorians when gold frames with slips were the order of the day.

We use a number of framers for our oil paintings and are happy to pass on their details to interested parties, so if you are looking for help in this area please email Lowndes Fine Art.

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