Paintings grow dark with age due mostly to smoke, dust and the tendency for varnish to turn yellow. Central heating does not help and can cause paintings to crack and flake.

It is important to keep paintings in good condition and the advances in cleaning techniques enable restorers to achieve this with the minimum of effort

Finding a picture restorer is not easy. There are many about who claim to able to clean paintings, but beware, as most of them are untrained and could cause more damage than good to you’re painting.

John F Herring Snr

Lowndes Fine Art use a number of companies in London and the West Country to do their restoration and conservation work. We deal with these companies and individuals because they are the best we have found. I could go to the other extreme and tell you of people who have cleaned their own paintings with Potatoes! You may chuckle at this, but the point I make is that paintings, like most other possessions, need to be cared for. Most paintings fit into number of categories. They may be family paintings, ones bought because you like them, or painting bought as investments. Whichever is the case they need to be looked after and kept in top condition.

With Watercolour and prints the biggest problems are damp stains, foxing and fading. All these can be rectified and the print restored to its original condition, even tears in the paper can be restored.

We can show you oil paintings, watercolours and prints which have been cleaned and restored by the above individuals and companies.

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